Waste Oil Heating Center

CEHS Family

If you’ve ever thought about installing a waste oil furnace in your facility but weren’t sure about the logistics, the location of the oil tank, and just how to get your used oil into the tank, our waste oil heating center could be just what you need. Remember we are the experts.

This unique product combines an EPA-approved oil storage tank, with a robust steel frame mount that can hold any one of our furnaces. Best of all, it features a built-in funnel with strainer that makes it easy to fill your waste oil tank. Check out the graphic below to learn more.

As you can see, our waste oil heating center is a simple solution that combines the tank and furnace into an easy-to-install package that takes up very little floor space. It’s a great way to add waste oil heating to your garage or shop with minimal fuss. Give us a call for more information on a heating center for your shop or business.

Features & Specifications (Photo with numbers on the photo) -Steel frame mount for furnace -Powder coated heavy duty 250-gallon oil tank -Drain pan with funnel and strainer -Mounting bracket for pump -Copper tubing and fittings from tank to furnace Note: Furnace not included. Packages available.